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Hollywood Road

500 SQFT, Residential, Hong Kong

The brief from the client was very simple, to create something comfortable and spacious. As the space was small, Stanley KC had to adopt creative strategies to maximise the area and make it flow. Stanley recalls his first impression was that the kitchen was in the wrong place - it blocked the circulation and made the layout of the flat extremely awkward.

To create the illusion of more space, the Stanley KC design team did this by integrating the kitchen, dining table and study desk into one main design feature - a multi-functional triangular table. As this was the main design feature in the multi-function living space, the designers spent much time studying the shape and orientation of this. Material wise, they selected a special blueish grey stone for the kitchen counter top that added a quirky, stylish edge. Other unique pieces include timeless gold accent lighting, modern furnishings and accessories that reflect the owner’s style.

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