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La Rambla

5,500 SQFT, Commercial, Hong Kong

For La Rambla, Stanley KC’s design team were inspired by details from Spain, and wanted to apply these to the restaurant in a modern way - ie. The timber ceiling was drawn from the cabanas along the beach while the rattan screen came from the weaving raffia. The aspiration was to create something modern, clean and timeless. In terms of creating the wow factor at La Rambla, Stanley Kwok shares that these boiled down to a few design components. As soon as one enters, one is greeted by the open kitchen where food is being prepared and all the senses are enticed - sight, sound, smell. This heightens your anticipation. Then there’s the skylight with a tree in the middle, which breaks up the deep floor plan and acts as a divider in the restaurant. The artwork by Javier Calleja stands out with the coloured circle, which is his tribute to fellow Spanish artist, Joan Miró. Finally, the view of the restaurant overlooking Victoria Harbour is amazing - it’s the perfect assemblage. 

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