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Mount Pavilia

3,500 SQFT, Residential, Hong Kong

Creatively inspired from the Wabi Sabi concept for this residential project, the designers mixed many different textures to bring out unique asymmetrical aesthetics. Combining these together with different types of furniture and lighting, they created wonderful layers, filled with vistas and design surprises. While the overall look and feel of the space is understated and simple, when one touches the pieces throughout, one will realise that everything is the result of careful consideration, to result in an organic, luxurious effect. In the dining area, a Serge Mouille lamp cantilevered from the walls is counterbalanced by a cluster of Michael Anastassiades designs, and personally assembled by the designers to achieve the ideal proportions. In this way, the designers carved a series of spaces in the living room rather than one large grand space - the privacy of the living room was also achieved spontaneously without the need for additional walls.

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