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Stanley KC Private Residence-52.jpg

Sea View Mansion

1,300 SQFT, Residential, Hong Kong

The client of this home loves art and furniture, so developed the design of the space together with Stanley KC. While most of the artwork is the client’s own, he went shopping with Stanley Kwok and selected all the furniture together. Throughout the design process, they communicated dynamically - he’d text Stanley or vice versa whenever either of them saw anything they felt was nice and suitable for the apartment. 

As every piece of furniture in this apartment is akin to an art piece, Stanley knew they had to balance the effect to ensure it felt like a home as well. So he told the owner he needed a big chunky sofa with lots of plush cushions to offset the formality of the space - something comfortable, tactile yet luxe. This layer of warmth ensured it didn’t turn into a gallery.

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