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Two Taikoo Place

71,083 SQFT, Commercial, Hong Kong

The spectacular podium space of Two Taikoo Place was executed by the Stanley KC team, in collaboration with NBBJ. Says Stanley Kwok, “When it comes to creating visionary design, no one can do it alone. So we were delighted to work on this project with other great talents to bring it to life. A building of this scale requires expertise and extensive labour and all these details are what truly define our design philosophy at Stanley KC.” The main design features in the podium are the core wall and the ceiling light. The core wall is made of solid timber so it was extremely difficult to get the geometry exact as the team had to work with a three-dimensional curve, therefore countless mockups were done before the construction phase to realise the best method. The final result of the core wall speaks for itself - it's a sensuous subtly curved wonderwall that’s powerful and demonstrates a celebration of craftsmanship.


As well, the bathrooms designed by Stanley KC are special domains - utilising a hospitality approach, the design team created a refined, soothing environment constructed from quality materials for end users, while integrating thoughtful details. Make-up counters with a practical ledge to place personal items have been introduced next to the lockers around a centre island, so the design ensures seamlessness where everything is within reach. Small considerations such as the fact that washing hands takes less time than applying makeup/ grooming means that the counters are placed away from the sinks and facilitate a more efficient flow of traffic in the space.

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