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Let's Talk About Pleats

Drop in and join Stanley KC’s design review as we talk about pleats. Shares Stanley Kwok, founder of Stanley KC, “For this feature wall, we are utilising the concept of pleats, but we can leverage many types of different materials to showcase this. This is our first contender, where we have these triangular shaped tiles, which can cast varying shades of colourways here. This can achieve a beautiful result which is very “pleat”. For option two, we are considering using the same type of tile, but in different hues, so it will be arranged in a one dimensional formation. One main advantage of this material is that it's a recycled tile, so it's very sustainable yet the edges are fairly rough, so we aren’t too sure whether this works. Then going on is one more option (as there are many different types of pleats), this option is a few variations placed together and turned into stone. So you can see there’s no joinery and it's one smooth strip so the effect of this one should be very nice. But the maintenance of it and the price point is a consideration as this should be quite expensive, so we’ll have to consider our client’s budget and its functionality.”

Let us know your thoughts too, which one is your favourite pleat?

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