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Timeless Inspirations

Joyous emotions are often the driving force that stimulate imagination and improve work efficiency, and the Stanley KC team knows this too well. As such, they always keep their spirits high and moods positive, to enable a wide vision to seek inspiration from endless sources. In the studio, design sparks burst with the collision of materials. Accompanied by the tempo that rises and falls, they are like lights that ignite their client's expectations towards life, and adhere to the principle that shared happiness is in delivering happiness.

Stanley KC's founder, Stanley Kwok has been passionate about drawing since he was a child. After devoting himself to the design industry, he would take 'breaks' from his hectic schedule to open up his sketchbook to write and draw, quickly noting down the ideas and revelations that flash through his mind and capture these flashes of inspiration. Stanley is a designer, who's also a lifestyle connoisseur - after all, it's only when you know how to experience life that you can extract the artistic details and record them, to lay the foundation for future creations.

For all designers, learning is a constant. Under the leadership of founder Stanley Kwok, Stanley KC’s design studio regards every challenge they encounter and every new project as a learning opportunity. Always remaining humble, the team utilise their accumulated design expertise and their personal insights to build the ideal life that their customers yearn for within limited spaces - resulting in interior spaces that always nourish the body and soul.

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